Houses made of glass last better and are healthier.

As glass is an inorganic material, it cannot be damaged by damp or become mouldy.

This knowledge was the background for the Koljern technique, which involves traditional house insulation being replaced by glass. In foundations, walls and roofs.

Glass may sound like something that can easily break but the opposite is true. Think about it. When did you last see glass burn? Houses built with the Koljern technique can actually resist intense firestorms.

The product on which the construction technique is based is foamglas. It consists of recycled, crushed glass that is pressed into blocks. The finished blocks then become big pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that are joined together to produce the most durable insulation available. They also save energy.

MRD Sälj & Bygg AB in Kvissleby developed the technique and welcomes study visits.

A Koljern glass house can be built in any size, have any design and be fitted with any type of panel. In other words, it can look like a normal house both internally and externally.

Now that sustainable development and ecological innovation are in increasing demand, this is a clear-cut example of what can be done and what is required.