A different kind of organic cultivation in Härnösand.

In a closed, efficient cycle, vegetables and perch grow like mad. In an ingenious manner, water circulates in the system so that it is purified and oxygenated. The faeces from the fish is conveyed to gravel beds in which tomatoes, leeks and other crops germinate.

The idea is that the plants receive their nutrition from the fish and the fish receive clean water from the plants.

The pool in which the fish swim has an area of four square metres and contains 2000 litres of water and a maximum of 100 kg of fish. The water temperature, nutritive content and pH value are measured daily.

For every kg of fish farmed, ten kg of very tasty vegetables are produced. We guarantee that they do not taste of fish!

The aim and vision are to test the technology and demonstrate what is actually possible when the laws of nature are followed. In commercial terms, the plant is too small to be profitable. However, this was not the driving force behind its development. This is a pure pilot project, in the true sense of the word. The key word is inspiration.

Sustainable cultivation is the long-term answer to our food supply. From this point of view, the small fish and vegetable farm in Kattastrand is a grand idea. At present there is no other similar plant anywhere in Europe. The question is not whether but when the ideas from Härnösand take root elsewhere.